Creator of quality designs and thinker of solutions.

My career as a designer began several years ago when I started working for a small manufacturing company specializing in 3D printing. From there I’ve worked for several other companies where I performed a wide gamut of designing services such as WordPress web design and large format printing. I’ve been designing for various mediums for close to 7 years. Within that time, I’ve become attracted to the art of how design influences people which led me to the field of user experience design. UX design for me is a way to use data and strategic thinking in order to solve complex solutions for various types of users.

What I Do:

  • Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Visual Design
  • UI Design

My fun time:

  • Hiking & Backpacking
  • Landscape Photography
  • Camping with my family
  • Golfing