Welcome, I go by Derek.

I’ve been a designer since the early 2000s.

I’m a big fan of space and consistency.

I like to drink coffee and research.

I get deeply inspired by being in nature.

Welcome to my portfolio.


UX | Graphic | Web | IA

SmartCells was in dire need of a website revamp. I was given a very short timeline from my executive team and had to do everything in my power to deliver the new site in three weeks.

Bloodworks NW

UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

Bloodworks Northwest was looking for a solution to help engage with their donors and provide a platform for them to connect on. Our team came up with a seamless on-boarding process and centralized user dashboard in attempt to solve this problem.

Zelus Insoles

User Research | Graphic | Web

Zelus Insoles are a brand new foot orthotic (insole) company that was looking for a way to differentiate themselves from industry giants such as Superfeet and Dr. Scholls. In order to stand out, I designed a website that features rather interesting design tactics and language.